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 Experts in Nanotechnology and Antibacterial Copper



Plasticopper antimicrobial additives can be incorporated into a wide variety of products and have application in virtually all areas of industry.

Medical Supplies


The use of antimicrobial additives in medical instruments and furniture is particularly important because users are especially susceptible to the effects of bioburden that may be present.

Textiles and Footwear


Plasticopper additives can be incorporated into a wide variety of fabrics and materials to be used in garments, bedding, towels, shoes, among many others.

Furniture and Accesories


We can develop solutions to incorporate the antimicrobial property of copper to surfaces of furniture and household items, in the office, school, etc.

Construction Materials


Building materials such as paints and coatings for walls and floors, plumbing, structural panels, adhesives and sealants can be manufactured with antimicrobial additives, enabling an extended lifetime by slowing down the deterioration caused by the action of bacteria and fungi, as well as contributing to the general hygiene of the environment.



Everyday technological devices, such as cellphones, computers, appliances, among many others, are exposed to a high load of microorganisms, which can be reduced  by incorporating Plasticopper additives on their surfaces.

Storage and Containers


Plasticopper's technology can be incorporated into plastic food containers either solid or liquid, minimizing the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms.

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